Discovering Top Healing Tarot Cards for Broken Heart

healing Tarot Cards for Broken Heart
March 11, 2024

The best feeling in the world is when you love someone, but this can also worsen when the two are suddenly separated. This can fill us with self-doubt, emotional pain, and severe worries. In addition, breakups can immediately harm our ability to listen to work or get a good night’s sleep. If you’re wondering where things went wrong, the Tarot spread is for you. It can help you provide guidance in those hard times.

Tarot card reading has been a source of guidance and meditation for centuries, providing insight into the human psyche and the complexity of life phenomena, including divorce. The importance of the Tarot lies in its ability to uncover those hidden aspects of our experiences and emotions. It serves as a tool for exploration to help people understand the deeper layers of their relationship and the root cause of their breakup. It gives you a different perspective of your relationship, which you may have just now thought about. This process plays an integral part in healing from that broken relationship. For personalised tarot card reading on your love life, consult expert Tarot Card readers at DivineTalk!

Now, we will dive into the world of tarot cards and explore some of the top tarot cards for healing hearts!


It’s a card of abundance, marriage, fertility and unconditional love. This card speaks about self-love and finding beauty around yourself. Encourage you to embrace change, seek change and nurture yourself. Express cards may remind you to take care and love yourself first to heal from breakups. It connects you with yourself when you are lost and disconnected.


This card is often shown as an older man walking by lantern light through the snow.

It’s a card of deep introspection and wisdom. Self-introspection is important to revive from the trauma of a broken heart. It suggests taking a step back, evaluating yourself, and investing your precious time in personal growth.


The Strength Tarot card represents nature, no matter how wild it is in its original form. At the time of a breakup, it suggests you discipline yourself and separate self-interest from enlightened wisdom. It reminds you that you are strong, and passing through these feelings of loss will make you even stronger.

Ace of Cups

It signifies new beginnings, new relationships and a new romance. Broken heart recovery lies in the Ace of Cups, a card that represents emotional renewal and replenishment of the heart. Embrace the power of this card to open yourself to love again. It allows the healing waters to clear and purify the emotional wounds of the beyond. It is also a sign of love that the universe is sending you.

Ten of Cups

This card suggests that you bring your focus back to your closest relationships and your emotional well-being. Open up the line of communication and whatever feels broken at that time. Prioritise your things and disconnect with the matters that trigger you. 

Breakups are undoubtedly always tricky to handle. But tarot cards offer a different perspective on healing and encourage you to seek change and nurture yourself. Through acceptance of intention, self-reflection, and forgiveness, you can begin your healing journey with new insights and positivity. 

If you want to know more about the breakup healing journey, you can connect with our team of experienced astrologers at DivineTalk Astrology. We offer one-on-one consultations to get a personalised understanding!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the meaning of tarot cards?

A: It is a pack of cards with pictures that predict what will happen to people in the future based on the current energies and circumstances surrounding a love relationship.

Q: Which tarot card means new love?

A: When it comes to Tarot cards and the possibility of meeting a new love, the card that often symbolises this existing prospect is the ‘ace of cups’. This card is all about new beginnings, emotional fulfilment and the potential for a deep connection.

Q: What is a tarot card for healing heartbreaks?

A: At the time of a breakup, Tarot cards can offer a unique perspective and guidance on our journey. Like a strength card, they symbolise the strength within you to face challenges and emerge stronger.

Q: What tarot cards help heal from breakups?

A: The empress card represents nurturing and abundance. It encourages self-love and self-care as you navigate the healing process.


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