Holi Celebration in 2024: According to your Zodiac Sign

March 20, 2024

One of the largest festivals in India, Holi is observed with great fun and excitement. The festival of colours, love and spring is celebrated in all parts of the world. Regardless of the religious differences, the festival brings people from different backgrounds together. The festival of colours marks the beginning of spring and the victory of good over evil. There’s never been a better time to add good luck and prosperity to your life than now. Astrology states that each zodiac sign is associated with a specific colour that can bring positive energy and good luck to your life.

Now let’s see which colour will be auspicious for you for this Holi, as per Astrology.

You can also download the DivineTalk Astrology App from experienced astrologers to get deeper insights about your cosmic journey. Holi is also known as Dhulandi. This year, the festival will be celebrated on Monday, March 25, with Holika Dahan(Choti Holi) on Sunday, March 24, and March 24.

Lucky Colour According to Zodiac Sign:



People with the zodiac sign Aries should wear bright red for this Holi. The colour red is auspicious for Aries, which is associated with love and truth. Ruled by Mars, the sign is recognised for its bravery and pioneering spirit.



In this festival, the Tauruses aim to get their hands on pink or white. Ruled by Venus and linked with security and stability, these colours are undoubtedly ideal for them. These colours symbolise growth, strength, and prosperity.



The yellow, orange, or green colour will be auspicious for Geminies this Holi. The colour stands for creativity, intellect, and communication, which are excellent matches for the traits of Mercury-ruled Gemini.


Individuals with this zodiac sign are associated with the colour white or blue. Ruled by the moon, the colour is lucky for this Holi celebration.



Leos are imaginative and gregarious and live life to the fullest. What could be more appropriate than gold or blood red for this Holi celebration? These will definitely stand for strength, inventiveness, and the leadership quality usually associated with the Leo sign.



People with a Virgo zodiac sign can celebrate Holi using yellow. Mercury rules Virgo, which represents earth elements. You can also use Orange or light pink colours. The fundamental traits of the zodiac sign are stability, healing, and purity, which are represented by these colours.



People of the Libra zodiac are advised to play Holi with blue and saffron colours; Venus rules Libra, which represents the air element. The colour stands for harmony and balance in love, which is ideal for any Libra.



With the powerful blend of blood red, black, and maroon, all Scorpios can unleash their inner passionate and impressionable nature. These colours are ideal for the zodiac sign ruled by Mars, as they represent intensity, power and passion.


Sagittarius is advised to use yellow or Orange for Holi, as Jupiter rules it and represents the fire element. Yellow is considered auspicious and brings divine blessings during Holi festivals.


Saturn rules the sign, represented by the colour black or blue. These colours are ideal representations of accountability and common sense.


This Holi, use the combination of Blue and Green to express your independence and uniqueness. Ruled by Saturn, the use of dark colours is auspicious.


Jupiter is the ruling planet, representing the yellow colour. If you want to increase your luck at this festival, choose yellow and orange colours.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q: When is Holi 2024?

A: According to the calculation of the panchang in the year 2024, the festival of Holi will be celebrated on March 25, and a lunar eclipse will occur on the same day.


Q: What is the astrological significance of Holi?

A: Holi is a festival celebrated throughout the Indian subcontinent. It represents the victory of good over evil. Astrologically, Holi is celebrated on the day of the full moon, when the sun is in Aquarius, and the moon is in Leo, which represents fire.


Q: What is the story behind the Holi celebration?

A: Hiranyakashyap enlisted the help of his sister, Holika, to kill his son, Prahlad, a devoted worshipper of Vishnu. In an attempt to burn Prahlad, Holika sat with him on a pyre while wearing a cloak that protected her from the fire. But the cloak protected Prahlad instead, and Holika burned.