Holika Dahan 2024: Astrological Insights Unveiled

March 24, 2024

Holi, the festival of colours, is enjoyed by all of India, and colourful Abir and gulal are exchanged with each other. Holika Dahan marks the day before the colourful festival. The day commemorates the winning of good over evil and portrays the power of Lord Vishnu, who saved the life of Prahlad, his devotee, from getting burnt. This year, Holika Dahan is scheduled for 24th March, so choosing the ideal time for Holika Dahan is essential. The timing falls between 6:35 pm and 8:58 pm.

It has an astrological significance that reminds us to burn our evilness into Holika fire and spread joy and love.

Significance of Holika Dahan

Holika Dahan is a Hindu festival, which is also known as Choti Holi. While anticipating the vibrant hues of Choti Holi and the sacred flames of Holika Dahan, it is essential to understand the significance of this Hindu festival, Holika Dahan and the dark tail that comes with it. This auspicious occasion holds a special place in the hearts of devotees as it symbolises the victory of good over evil. Families and communities gather to participate in the age-old customs that accompany this traditional festival. The day thus signifies burning away your evilness and negative energy, like Holika was burnt, rejuvenating yourself, and fusing others with positive energy by seeking blessings.

The importance is much more than rituals and burning the demon. It acts as a cultural tapestry that unites the community beyond linguistic and regional boundaries; the festival fosters a sense of unity and a shared belief in the ultimate victory of good over evil.


The Story Behind the Celebration

It is said that King Hiranyakashyap had fixed the full moon date to kill his son Prahalad, who was a devotee of Lord Vishnu. 8 days before burning his son in the fire, he tortured his son so much. To break his devotion, he asked for help from her sister, Holika. As per deities, Holika was blessed with a special cloak that protected her from getting burnt in the fire. Hiranyakashyap ordered his sister to sit in the fire with Prahlad so that he would be burnt. Prahlad prayed to lord Vishnu to save him. It is believed that a special shielding cloak for protection flew from Holika and covered Prahlad, hence keeping the minor child while Holika was burnt into ashes.

Do’s and Don’ts on the day of Holika Dahan:

  • Avoid bearing Black or yellow colour cloth while performing Pooja.
  • Do not land money to anyone today, as it is considered inauspicious.
  • Newly married women should not watch the fire of Holika Dahan burning.
  • Do not eat anything from outside or touch objects lying on the road.
  • Do not leave your hair open while performing Pooja.

In conclusion, the festival celebrates the resilience of virtues and the enduring light that dispels darkness.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: When is Holika Dahan in 2024?

A: Holika Dahan will be celebrated with great enthusiasm on Sunday, March 24th. The people will gather together, light a candle, and mark the victory of good over evil.

Q: What does the festival of Holika Dahan symbolise?

A: The day symbolises the victory of good over evil. It reminds people always to choose the right path, as bad deeds and Karma will have to pay off someday. People celebrate this day as a victory for Prahlad, who is saved by Lord Vishnu.

Q: What is the story behind Holika Dahan?

A: Holika Dahan or Choti Holi is a Hindu festival in which a bonfire is lit to celebrate the burning of the demoness, Holika. This ritual is symbolic of the victory of good over evil. The festival honours the Hindu deity Lord Vishnu.

Q: Which demon is associated with Holi?

A: The demon is associated with Holika, the sister of the demon King Hiranyakashyap. On the day of Holika Dahan, she sat on the fire with his nephew Prahlad, who was fortunately saved by Lord Vishnu.

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