Kalsarpa Dosh / Yog – Kalsarpa Remedies

As per the popular definition, when all planets are situated in between Rahu and Ketu in birth-chart or horoscope, the astrologers call it Kalsarp Dosh. In present days, discussions about this dosh are vogue among Jyotishi or Hindu Astrologers of India. Many of troubles in one’s life are attributed to Kalsarp Dosh. Without analyzing other areas of astrology, most astrologers, in fact, accept Kalsarp dosh as main root of problems. But the reality is this that if all planets are well posited in horoscope, Kalsarp dosh will not be harmful, and can be supportive to beneficial results endowed by good positions of planets. Kalsarp dosh is inauspicious only when positions of other planets are unfavorable in one’s horoscope.

Therefore, it is not wise to fear hearing just about ‘Kalsarp Dosh’. It is in fact always better to reach on remedies only after consulting jyotishi for deep analysis on negative influences of Kalsarp dosh. Interestingly, influence of kalsarp dosh is different in different people. Because influence of kalsarp dosh is based on points-which sign is posited in which house, and what other planets occupied that house, what are their influences and so on.

Result – Your Horoscope is free from Kalsarpa Dosha

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