Mahashivratri 2024- Know it’s Significance, History and Shubh Muhurat for Puja

Mahashivratri muhurat
March 4, 2024

Mahashivratri is one of the significant Hindu festivals celebrated nationwide with great grandeur. It holds an immense religious and spiritual significance among Hindus. The festival is purely dedicated to lord Shiva, the destroyer and the most compassionate god of this universe. This particular day is significant and is celebrated by people who follow Shiva worldwide. DivineTalk app will organise a Mahashivtratri pooja on LIVE on 8th March. You can book your Pooja directly from the app.

According to Drik Panchang, Mahashivratri falls during the Krishna Paksha lunar phase in the month of Magha.  It happens once every year, usually in February or March.  The timing of this festival marks the transition from winter to spring and summer as Shiva and Shakti, representing love, power, and unity, merge, during which the celebration takes place at night.


History behind Mahashivratri Celebration

There are various legends related to the festival of Maha Shivratri. In the most famous legends, Shivaratri marks the wedding day of Lord Shiva and Parvati; some believe that it was on the auspicious night of Shivaratri that Lord Shiva performed the Tandava, the dance of primal creation, preservation and destruction. According to another famous Shivaratri story, Linga Purana states that Lord Shiva himself appeared in the form of Linga on the day of Shivaratri.  Hence, Shiva devotees consider this day highly promising and celebrate it as Maha Shivaratri – the grand night of Shiva.

According to Hindu mythology, it is also believed that lord Shiva saved the world from darkness by consuming the poison that immerses during the churning of the great ocean. This blog aims to provide comprehensive insights into Mahashivratri 2024.


It is believed by many that offering prayers to lord Shiva during this time helps individuals overcome sins and embark on a path of righteousness. Fasting on Mahashivratri is also considered auspicious and believed to bring good fortune. It’s spiritually significant and beneficial for the body and mind. Offering prayers to Shiva after fasting is supposed to bring him happiness. Mahashivratri is called “The Great Night of Shiva”. It’s a time for people to find inner peace and enlightenment. It is believed lord Shiva is very kind on this night and will grant your wishes if you pray with all your heart.

According to Vedic astrology, the moon is weak during this time as it is trapped between two more favourable planets.  When the spiritual master Jupiter is parallel to the moon from the fifth aspect, it provides strength for spiritual work simultaneously. During Mahashivratri, Jupiter is in the 12th house, which encourages liberation from worldly existence, knowledge of the spiritual path prevalent in human existence, and freedom from the cycle of birth and death.  Mahashivratri fast for Lord Shiva energises your moon and takes you toward salvation.

Shiva Linga decorated with flowers & bel patra or leaf and haldi kumkum for Pooja or worshipping of Lord shiva or Shankar bhagwan

Shubh Muhurat – Date & Timing

Puja Muhurta: Lord Shiva’s worship time on Mahashivratri is from 6:25 to 9:28 in the evening.

The auspicious time of 4 o’clock –

Ratri First Prahar puja time – 6:25 pm to 9:28 pm.

Ratri Second Prahar Puja Time – From 9:28 pm to 12:31 pm on March 9.

Ratri Third Prahar Puja Time – 12:31 in the night to 3:34 in the morning.

Ratri Fourth Prahar Puja time – 3:34 am to 6:37 am.

Mahashivratri occurs annually on the 14th day of the waning moon in the month of Phalguna or Magha. This year, it falls on 8 March 2024, a Friday according to the Gregorian calendar.

As narrated earlier, performing the Mahashivratri Vrat vidhi is considered quite auspicious. It helps an individual purify his soul, attain a long life, knowledge, heal disease, wealth and health, and attain salvation. Hence, all the devotees who want benefits should keep the fast of Mahashivratri 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: When is Maha Shivaratri 2024?

A: Mahashivratri falls on eight March 2024, celebrated with fasting, meditation, and prayers.

Q: What are the traditional offerings during Mahashivratri?

A: devotees offer milk, honey, fruits and bel leaves, seeking blessing and fulfilment of desire from lord Shiva.

Q: What is the real significance of Mahashivratri?

A: It is a notable festival in Hinduism, marking a remembrance of ‘overcoming darkness and ignorance’ in life and the world. It is observed by remembering Shiva and chanting prayers, fasting, and meditating on ethics and virtues such as honesty and noninjury to others.

Q: What is the difference between Shivratri and Mahashivratri?

A: We can call Mahashivratri the most special of shivratri. While Shivaratri occurs every month, Mahashivratri is a once-a-year event.