Horoscope Matching Results

  • Ashtakoot matching between boy and girl is 19.05 / 36.
  • Mr. Arya has ‘Low Mangal Dosha’ and Ms. Priya has ‘No Mangal Dosha’.
  • Conclusion: There is substantial difference in the level of mangal dosha compatibility of both the horoscopes It is advisible to consult a learned astrologer before proceeding to marriage.
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Obtained Points

19.5/ 36


The boy’s varna is Brahmin and the girl comes under Kshatriya varna. This association of natives shows that boy could have the tendency to think out home affairs well, while the girl would be more tilted towards accomplishing those tasks efficiently. She will be organized in manners and quite laborious in actions. She will be havnig praising attitude for his sharpness in everyday affairs and his capability of using common sense. This combination of vernas shows good level of understanding between the natives that basically depicts the tendency to participate in domestic affairs. Thus, this can be said a good combination according to varna compatibility converned.

Vasya for boy is Keet while the girl belongs to Chatushpad vashya. Natives will be very kind, spiritual in nature and fountain of compassion toward others. Their alliance will be on the spiritual level and they will love each other from the bottom of their hearts. They will help to boost the other in their respective career. They will develop very good understanding of one another with the time. They will share emotional bonding and be kind, affectionate and honest for each other As far as vashya combination is concerned, this is by far the most interesting combination.

The boy is associated with Sadhak tara while the girl belongs to Vadh tara. As far as tara compatibility is concerned this is a fairly compatible match. There will be mutual love and respect combined with reasonable discipline and moral guidance. At times, she may try to vindicate herself on wrong points. She is advised to be more wise and tolerant to provide a solid base for the relationship. The girl may panic in adverse situation whereas the boy will handle the situation very idealistically and calmly.

The boy is associated with Mrig yoni and the girl belongs to Mesh yoni. As far as yoni compatibility is concerned this is by far the most compatible match. This combination indicates that both will enjoy the harmonious relationships. There tends to be a strong sense of personal friendship and loyalty. There will be mutual love and respect combined with reasonable discipline and moral guidance. The natives help increase each other’s enthusiasm and impetus to constructive actions. They will also stimulate each other even in the midst of adversities. On physical plane, they will find each other extremely compatible.

Rasi Lord
The boy and the girl both belong to the rasi lord Mars. This combination is regarded very good by Vedic astrologers. They will be able to complement each other well and achieve long term relationship goals. He will be ambitious and she will be full or energy to support him. They will understand physic and emotional need of each other and will support each other. The boy is artistic and romantic, while the girl will prove as the source of life energy. This combination does increase the overall compatibility in the charts.

The boy comes under dev gan and the girl comes under Rakshasha gan. As the name of the ganas suggest, this is not regarded a good compatibility. Boy will be peace-loving, contented, quiet and forbearing whereas girl will be agreesive, dominating, nagging. She may knowingly or unknowingly inflict physical, mental and emotional pain on the partner. There will be conflicts, differene of opinions, fight on petty matters will be very common. They have different ethics, philosophies, and religious outlook. The girl can label boy as unpractical, unintelligent and lazy. Where as the boy will think that girl is over-demanding, over-ambitious, dominating and sometimes unethical.

The boy belongs to Vrishchika sign and girl belongs to Mesha sign. This is not a very favorable alliance as far as sign compatibility is concerned. There will be differences in their opinions regarding domestic affairs. There will be lack of harmony in their approaches that would cause friction, even in general endeavors. They should put their egos aside and think in accordance with each other, then only the relationship could be sustain. Compatibility chart shows lack of magnetic control and amenability. However these factors can be overlooked if other Gunas match well.

The boy’s nadi is Madhya and the girl comes under Antya nadi. As far as nadi combination is concerned, it is considered to be exceptionally good alliance. The boy and the girl both have spiritual bend of the mind and will compliment each other in intellectually. Natives will help to evolve capabilities of each other in the areas such as realistic thinking, expressive and social activities etc. Both of them will have deep trust and affection for one another. This alliance strengthens the over all compatibility of the charts.