Mercury Retrograde in Aries: Life Challenges For These Zodiac

April 1, 2024

Mercury goes retrograde roughly three or four times yearly for about three weeks. This time, the planet Mercury is expected to retrograde in the Aries sign on April 1. The astrological event will begin for the next two weeks until April 25 and will continue to cause misunderstanding and disruptions. This transit happens when Mercury appears to move backwards in the sky, which is thought to Spark disarray in the mercurial realm of life, prompting miscommunication, arguments and general confusion for us. As per the prediction, the upcoming Mercury in retrograde will broadly be felt by those who rush through their day-to-day task and are prone to act first and think later.

This blog will explore the various effects and remedies to “Mercury retrograde in Aries” for all Zodiac signs in the list. You can explore more about such content for yourself by consulting our expert astrologers at DivineTalk Astrology App.

What is affected by Mercury Retrograde in Aries?

It is advisable that slowing down and adopting stability can help prevent the chaos caused by Mercury retrograde, especially in light of retrograde in Aries. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, meaning the fire sign, which is associated with self, impulses and enthusiasm. People born under this zodiac sign are open-minded, stubborn, impulsive, and courageous and speak their minds openly. Aries is a zodiac sign that works without any filter when communicating with others. This can lead to many arguments based on vague information and emotion, which can be easily predicted from this situation due to the explosive energy. Therefore, when Mercury retrograde in Aries, it is essential to move calmly when expressing thoughts and feelings. It is a time when one should express one’s sentiments fully but not forcefully to have an effective conversation with each other to gain clarity on matters without making any assumptions.

Starting from April 1, Mercury retrograde affects our lives as it moves through Aries until April 24. In the middle of this transit comes an intense Solar eclipse on April 8. This means you will not only feel the classic retrograde hang-ups but also the destiny event and fateful opportunity of eclipse season at the same time. Generally, it is not advisable to make spontaneous decisions throughout the first three weeks of April, and manifesting new goals is also on the list of things not to do during this period.
Mercury’s retrograde phase is also a time during which we typically don’t have mental clarity, coupled with the changes induced by the eclipse season. You have a cosmic cocktail of confusion, not the energy you want in your surroundings when planning your next big trip or career move or committing to a new romantic or business partner. At this moment, rather than acting on impulse, consider using the cosmic mandate of Mercury’s retrograde motion to evaluate your year and reflect on what you’ve learned from the incident so far.

How to handle Mercury retrograde in Aries:

Practising patience is the only way to handle situations. Suppressed conflicts may blow up, and projects you are eager to tackle may face a hindrance. It is important to pause for a moment and examine mistakes.
During this transit, it is essential to take only some things personally. In any argument, separate your feelings from the situation and respond to it practically.

Mercury’s retrograde is like a reminder to take a moment and consider your actions. Rather than forcing your opinions or getting short-tempered, it is better to focus on physical exercise and release any tension bubbling up inside of you. Journaling is one of the popular ways nowadays to get your feelings crafted.

Another thing that can be done is to go to a place far from the others, like the top of a mountain or an empty garden. It is there that you will find yourself happier than before. You can also practise energy-release exercises. Mercury retrograde is more challenging. This will be a tough time for Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, as they will feel their relationships and foundations are falling apart, making them unable to find a safe space and place to heal.

Mercury retrograde is most beneficial for Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius. It is suggested to have this retrograde that helps them define and modify their lives efficiently. These four zodiac signs can solve issues and situations to their advantage as the retrograde gives them time to fix bad decisions made in the past.

How mercury retrograde in Aries affects every zodiac sign in 2024:


The transit pushes the Aries to consider their words, what they say, and how people perceive their opinions. After all, it only happens in the Aries sign.


For Taurus, the transit is all about learning to harmonise your fantasy and your reality. It suggests taking things at face value rather than romanticising situations or people they are not proving to be.


The retrograde hits the 11th House of Gemini. The transit lightens the thread in the world of friendship and suggests caution before bringing up old conflicts from the past.


For Cancerians, this Mercury retrograde is stirring up drama at work. It falls in the 10th House. There could be miscommunication at your workplace, so you should practise patience.


A transition occurs in the 9th House of Thinking and Philosophy. The retrograde period will uncover new perspectives you might not have considered.


It falls in the 8th House of secret, transformation and intimacy. During this period, you may face a few hard truths. The transit is all about surrendering to necessary changes.


Libra’s patience was tested during Mercury’s retrograde, which was in the 7th House of partnership. It is advisable to avoid taking things personally.


The transit hits the 6th House of daily habits and wellness, keeping up with the momentum of the fast-paced Aries season. Mercury retrograde will drain your energy.


Mercury retrograde occurs in the 5th House of Romance and Pleasure. The period could remind you of a deep, sensual partnership that has lost its way. Consider using the time to blow the old flames.


Power struggles at home may arise, as this transaction is false in the 4th House of foundation and family roots. It is an ideal time to practise patience to avoid clashes among family members.


The transit occurs in the third House of communication and information and may impact your thought process. Use your mind and evaluate the information or words people share with you.


It is a time to get your finances checked, as they fall in the second House of money and overall security. In addition to experiencing financial stress, you might feel insecure in other aspects of your life, too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: When does Mercury go retrograde in Aries?

A: Mercury goes retrograde on April 1, 2024, at(27°13′) Aries. Mercury stations direct on April 25, 2024, at(15°59′). Aries leaves the post-retrograde zone on May 13, 2024.

Q: Is Mercury retrograde lousy luck?

A: Per the interpretation, Mercury retrograde is negative energy- confusion, inconvenience and bad luck. You may make blenders at your workplace or find part of your personal life askew.

Q: What happens when Mercury is in retrograde in Aries?

A: Mercury retrograde in Aries can make us a bit impolite. Communication in all forms from calls to your conversation and interaction with people to the way you communicate and your thought process – is affected from April 1 to April 25 during mercury retrograde.

Q: What should one not do during mercury retrograde?

A: Only make big decisions or start new projects after the cycle has ended. Avoid getting into arguments or confrontations with anyone, as misunderstanding may be more likely during this period, or emotions may height.

Q: How do I protect myself during the Mercury retrograde?

A: There are many things you can do to handle the situation, like journaling your feelings, breathing in some lavender, acknowledging your past, connecting with your inner child, going to the place you like, and lighting blue candles for a chill vibe. Last but essential is patience during this time.

Q: Why is mercury retrograde so powerful?

A: It is an optical illusion, which means the planet is moving backwards from our view here on Earth. It is believed that during this perceived backward motion, technology and communication could be disrupted, dampening anyone’s mood.

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