Ramakrishna Jayanti 2024- Date, History and Teachings

March 12, 2024

Ramakrishna Jayanti is celebrated all over India, especially in West Bengal, the birthplace of Ramakrishna. The day commemorates the birth date of Shri Ramakrishna, a 19th-century philosopher known for his teaching of love and devotion. He promoted unity among different religions and emphasised understanding one’s inner self. He was India’s most beloved spiritual leader, and the day is celebrated every year on March 12

So mark the date now!

In India, devotional songs, lectures, and charitable activities are used to celebrate the day. Additionally, DivineTalk also conduct Pujas are also conducted along with Prasad distribution to the devotees.


The day is an occasion for the devotees to reflect on the wisdom and teachings of Shri Ramakrishna. Devotees came together in prayers and meditation to honour the legacy of the great saint. 

Ramakrishna sought spiritual guidance from different teachers and gurus, absorbing their wisdom and insights. He dedicated himself to the truth and knowledge, immersing himself in intense ritual practice and meditation. As a result, he became a spiritual leader and a source of inspiration for people of all backgrounds.

A turning point came in Ramakrishna’s life when he met Totapuri, a monk of the Advaita Vedanta Tradition. Sri Paramahamsa experienced ‘Nirvikalpa Samadhi’ (promoting unity of all) under the guidance of Totapuri. This was a defining moment for Ramakrishna’s spiritual journey, which inspired him to go in depth of divine consciousness. 

After Ramakrishna died in 1886, his disciples, under the leadership of Swami Vivekananda, established the Ramakrishna Mission to propagate his teachings and serve humanity. The mission objective also included promoting religious harmony and spreading spiritual knowledge.

Timeline of Ramakrishna Jayanti:

  • Late 19th Century: In Kamarpukur, West Bengal, India Sri Ramkrishna paramahansa was born.
  • 1861: Sri Paramahansa married Sarada Devi, later known as the Holy Mother.
  • The late 1800s: Ramakrishna, the realisation of the unity of all religions.
  • 1886: Ramakrishna disciples, led by Swami Vivekananda, established the Ramakrishna mission to propagate his teaching.
  • 21st Century: Ramakrishna Jayanti is celebrated globally and continues to inspire many people.

How to Celebrate Ramakrishna Jayanti

  1. Can participate in special pooja to honour Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa, like chantings, rituals and offerings.
  2. Read the teachings of Ramakrishna with your friends and family and gain insights and inspiration from his journey.
  3. You can also do charity like donation campaigns and food drives to benefit those in need.
  4. Take a trip to your local Ramakrishna temple and offer prayers.

The Teachings of Ramakrishna Jayanti!

  • Promotes unity and harmony

The Jayanti brings together people from different backgrounds to celebrate a common theme – spirituality. It is a day that emphasises the importance of accepting and understanding each other despite differences. Ramakrishna’s teaching encourages us to let go of our ego and perceive the divine presence of all aspects of creation.

  • Encourages self-reflection

On this day, take time for meditation or self-reflection, inspired by Ramakrishna’s teaching on inner peace and spiritual growth. Slow down and take a moment to recover from your busy life.

  • Selfless devotion

Shri Paramahansa addresses a selfless devotion to God and service to others without expecting anything in return. He also taught that spiritual progress comes when dedicating oneself wholeheartedly to the welfare of others.

In conclusion, the day serves as a reminder to remember the teachings of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. His legacy continues to inspire millions of people in the world. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: When is Ramakrishna Jayanti?

A: Ramakrishna Jayanti is celebrated on March 12 every year, but in 2024, it will be celebrated on Tuesday.

Q: Why is Ramakrishna called Paramahamsa?

A: Many of Ramakrishna’s disciples believe that Ramakrishna was an avatar of God. Paramahansa means “supreme swan” and is a title given to spiritual leaders in India.

Q: Who was Sharda Devi?

A: Sarada Devi was Ramakrishna’s wife. She was a religious teacher known as Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi or the Holy Mother.

Q: Why do we celebrate Ramakrishna Jayanti?

A: Ramakrishna Jayanti commemorates the birth anniversary of Ramakrishna Paramhansa, a 19th-century Hindu saint in India who was renowned for simplifying complex spiritual teachings.