Remedies for Extramarital Affairs as per Astrology

Remedies for Extramarital Affairs as per Astrology(1)
June 5, 2024

Marriage is a beautiful relationship where two people want to spend their whole lives together. Still, many times, people look for love outside the marriage and make a relationship, which is often called an extramarital affair. This relationship ruins married life and creates a rift between husband and wife. Many times, couples get separated due to many problems, such as infidelity and secret love affairs. You might be curious to find the answer to questions like “Why do extramarital relationships happen?” or “Is there any way to predict extramarital affairs in astrology?”. Let’s find out the answer to this question in this blog. You can also consult the top Vedic astrologer at DivineTalk to get personalised Remedies for Extramarital Affairs.

According to Vedic astrology, the planets and constellations at the time of birth deeply affect the native’s life. They affect the individual’s behaviour and lead his mind towards extramarital affairs.

If you want to find an extramarital affair in the horoscope, I want to check the effect of the planet on an adulterous affair. You should ask an astrologer and get your horoscope analysis. Also, the expert can help you learn about extramarital problems in the horoscope and share astrological remedies to eliminate marital affairs. Thus, you can look at the combination of planets in your horoscope and find out any secret affair of your spouse by understanding the position of planets for extramarital affairs.

Astrologically Remedies for Extramarital Affairs

The astrological remedies suggested by experienced astrologers can help you get rid of your partner’s love affair and also help improve your relationship with your spouse. Below are some practical and powerful remedies for Extra-Marital affairs.

  • Take a kumkum and spread it on the side of your husband’s bed. Next morning, collect the Kumkum and apply it to your Maang, where you usually use it.
  • Another astrological remedy for husband extramarital affairs is also simple and easy. For this, you have to burn a piece of camphor in the bedroom areas. There is no specific day to do this remedy; you can do this on any night of the week.
  • Another powerful remedy to get rid of a husband’s extramarital affair is to take the name of the person whom you consider unfair with your spouse. To follow this remedy, you should take some lotus seeds and write that person on that theme. You have written the letters of that person’s name and burn them until they turn to ashes.
  • Apart from this, another powerful Mantra that can stop a spouse from cheating in the future is that-

|| Namaskaromi namai shatam Tuhe Shanai cha sur de Kum Namo Vidhmahe sharade sute Sharomi kahe suda anshu dhum ||

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What are astrological remedies for extramarital affairs?

A: In astrology, remedies for anything can be suggested, such as an individual’s horoscope. Thus, you must consult professional experts for treatments that can work for you and address your issues in a marriage or relationship.

Q: Why do people have extramarital affairs in astrology?

A: The rising power of the Kalyug arena and the dominance of Rared are two primary reasons behind the extramarital affairs in astrology. Apart from these, the position and placement of the stars and planets can also determine the existence of love affairs.

Q: Suggest some general astrological remedies for love affairs.

A: Some common astrological remedies include using Kumkum, wearing yellow on Thursday, lighting camphor before bedtime, and performing specific rituals and chanting Mantras. These remedies aim to balance the planetary influence and promote harmony in relationships.