Select Perfect Name For Your Business Using Numerology 

June 28, 2024



Choosing a perfect name for a new business is very important. The name should represent your Brand. Numerology is a way that is widely used to pick up a name. Like astrology, Numerology is a type of applied science; it correlates a mystical symbol with a person’s life. It’s a logical scientific method for defining an individual’s personality traits. Everything in the world depends on numerical patterns. These patterns come from the number’s inherent vibrations. By using Numerology, you have a chance to increase the success of your Business. Let’s discover how one can choose a Lucky Business Name using Numerology. You can also consult the Top Vedic Astrologers for insight on ‘how to build a successful business’ at DivineTalk Application.

Business Name As Per Numerology

Choosing an ideal business name can be challenging, but it is essential to remember that your name can significantly impact its success, potential and future. Numbers are necessary in all our lives, from birth to death. They are also crucial for business branding as they can create a unique and extraordinary name. Numerology is a scientific practice that assigns meanings to different numbers and states that each number has a distant energy and vibration; creating a solid and unique brand name is essential to impacting the corporate world. So, consider business name numerology seriously while naming your brand or company. By analyzing the numbers associated with your company’s name, information about a person can be obtained. This can help to understand the potential growth prospects. Numerology can be a helpful tool in determining the direction of your Business, relationship, career and performance prospects.

Significance Of Numbers For Business Name

The name of the brand should match its coal value and vision.

Number 1—The first number represents initiative, self-resilience, and uniqueness. It means that the company with this name is a creative leader in its industry. 

Number 2—The number 2 stands for balance, harmony, and collaboration. It means that the company, with this number, values collaboration and building trust with its customers and partners.

Number 3—The number three represents expression, communication, and creativity. This name is imaginative and stands out from others.

Number 4—The number 4 represents security, stability, and structure. It suggests that businesses with this number are reliable and trustworthy and provide a solid foundation for their customers.

Number 5—The number 5 symbolises flexibility, exploration, and change. A company with this number is innovative and open to new business opportunities at any time.

Number 6—The number 6 symbolises kindness and nurturing; it means that the company with this number cares about its customers and aims to positively impact society.

Number 7—The number 7 symbolises insight and deep thinking. A Brand with this number in its name understands the market and its customers well.

Number 8- this number represents power and prosperity. The business names with this number are more successful and capable of growing quickly than the others.

Number 9- And lastly, the number 9 symbolises perfection, transformation and humanitarianism, a company where this number in its name is dedicated to having a positive impact on the world and taking its social responsibilities seriously.

Calculation Involved in Determining A Lucky Business Name

Calculating a lucky business name in astrology is a simple process whereby the letters in the name of a business are assigned a numerical value, which is added until it arrives at a single-digit number. Let’s see a step-by-step procedure:

  • Assign each letter in the alphabet a number from 1 to 9





  • Now assign a number to each letter of your business name, like A=1, B=2,….

For example, if your business name is ‘Perl’,’ the calculation will be 7+5+9+3=24.

  • Now, reduce the total to a single digit by adding the individual digits together. 

2+4= 6

By finding the lucky business number using this system, one can interpret the meaning of their business name. This lucky number may guide you to achieving great success.

Benefits of Perfect Business Name as per Numerology:

  • Unique Identity

The unique name suggested through Numerology can stand out from the crowd and give a distinctive and memorable identity. This will create a strong brand presence in the market.

  • Better decision making 

Numerology can help a business owner make essential decisions about the company’s direction and strategy. By aligning the brand name with the numbers in numerology, the owner ensures harmony with the goals, values, and visions.

  • Financial success 

Choosing a business name based on Numerology can improve financial performance. As the name attracts more customers, it generates higher revenue and contributes to the overall success of a business.

  • Positive environment

The name that aligns with the Numerology number fosters harmony and positive energy, which can have a great impact on the work environment, encourage teamwork, and strengthen a sense of unity and purpose within the organization.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Which numerology name is suitable for a business? 

A: The numbers in the series of 1, 5, 6, and 9 are some of the strongest or luckiest for any business type. Once people decide on the name of the Business, as per Numerology, they should also consider choosing lucky dates for its opening.

Q: How do you pick a lucky business name based on Numerology? 

A: Write down your company name, then use the numerology chart to assign a number to each letter. Add those numbers together to get a single-digit single-digit or master number. This master number is the numerology number of your company name.

Q: What are seven businesses in Numerology?

A: A business with a numerology of 7 May be well-suited for industries that value introspection and spirituality, such as wellness or personal development, such as meditation centers, yoga studios, or individual coaching practices.

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