Tarot Reading: Cards That Indicate Marriage

tarot card reading marriage
April 22, 2024

We humans are constantly seeking answers to life questions. Tarot reading emerges as a simple yet profound form for tapping into one’s inner knowing and wisdom. Various tarot cards from the deck show relationships like engagement and marriage proposals. When discussing Marriage, tarot cards are used to think about what might happen. Seekers often wish to know if the relationship they are in is going to last forever or if they and their partner are going to go the extra mile together. Let’s delve into the captivating journey of tarot and discover how they provide critical insights into marriage matters. For a more guided experience, you can consult the experts at DivineTalk Astrology App; they will give you personalised predictions about your journey.

Below are some Tarot Cards which are the best indicators of Marriage, along with their meanings:

tarot card reading marriage

The Hierophant

This card symbolises traditional values. It is closely in association with traditional customs and a celebration that comes with Marriage. This shows that you and your partner are culturally or religiously invested in the sanctity of Marriage. Because one or both of you hold traditional values, you’re more likely to want the same for yourself.

The World 

The world is a positive indicator of marriage because it often represents a major ambition that the seeker will accomplish. It is a very good sign that you will get married one day. If you have always aspired to be a wife or husband, then the world means that married life is perfect for you.

Three of Cups

The Three of Cups is not a marriage tarot card in the traditional sense, but it does predict weddings, engagements, births, and other celebrations. This is why it is on our list of marriage cards. If your relationship is already well, then Three of Cups can predict Marriage and children. If your relationship is not stable, then this indicates that your relationship is heading in a more serious direction. The appearance of this card suggests a joyful and harmonious union, often accompanied by a celebration or a significant life event.


Justice is up there in our list of cards that most likely represent Marriage. If Hierophant and Justice are drawn together, then the couple is very lucky in the sense that they are both fabulous indicators of traditional Marriage. The appearance of these two cards together signifies a strong alignment of values and a high likelihood of a long-lasting, traditional marriage. Justice indicates that you will get married someday, but it doesn’t promise that you will have a fairy-tale wedding. 

The Lovers

The lover’s card will signify Marriage. The card includes Adam and Eve, the first married couple to walk on earth. The lovers alone do not predict Marriage. Marriage is also a part of sexuality and temptation, so negative readings can expect that the relationship will be simple and will not progress to a significant commitment. In tarot readings, ‘negative readings’ refer to interpretations that suggest challenges or obstacles in a relationship, which may indicate a need for further reflection or action.

Ten of Cups 

Associated with emotional fulfilment and harmony, the Ten of Cups is a positive narrative about marital happiness. It predicts that a person will have a fairytale ending, which means he/she will have a big fancy wedding and marry the person of his/her dreams. Sometimes, the Ten of Cups indicates you and your lover’s family coming together and living a happy life together.

The most substantial tarot readings above point to a marriage or union. The above cards are a positive indicator for couples! However, it’s important to remember that each individual is different, and the prediction may vary slightly. Tarot readings are a tool for self-reflection and guidance, but they should not be the sole basis for making life decisions. For a deeper understanding of your marriage life, it’s always best to consult the experts at our Application.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Do tarot cards show Marriage?

A: Tarot cards show relationships and unions, and Marriage is one such relationship commonly indicated in tarot card readings.

Q: Which tarot card indicates Marriage?

A: The Hierophant is an excellent card for indicating Marriage, especially when paired with the tan of cups. It means commitment and Marriage for a couple.

Q: What is the strongest tarot card for love?

A: The lover’s card is the 7th number Major Arcana card. This card is a pure symbol of love, deep connection, unity, attraction, harmony and a strong bond between two people.

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