What Are The Lucky Colours According To Numerology?

February 28, 2024

What are the lucky colours according to Numerology?

Like astrology, Numerology is a type of applied science; it correlates a mystical symbol with a person’s life. It’s a logical scientific method for defining an individual’s personality traits. Everything in the world depends on numerical patterns. These patterns come from the number’s inherent vibrations.

The core value of numerology lucky colours is to define and guide you in the right direction, which will help you to achieve your goals efficiently and quickly. 

Lucky Colour Numerology


Decoding the numbers and their lucky colours.

Your numerology number reveals something about your personality ( whether good or bad ). There is a lot of importance and different meanings of colour Numerology. If colours vibrate our numbers, they can do wonders for us. Having numerology lucky colours around us can make us stronger, more powerful, and even thrive. Every colour holds its meaning and speciality.

Provides insights into a person’s personality and life path.

Number 1: The leader, the pioneer, the individualist.

Individuals with life path number 1 hold a leadership quality. They have strong decision-making skills. They are associated with the colour RED, which symbolises the highly driven and ambitious person they are.

Number 2: The diplomat, the peacemaker, the harmoniser.

Life path number 2 individuals are diplomatic and peace-loving. Their lucky colour is ORANGE, representing balance, harmony and interpersonal connections. These people are sensitive, so the colour helps them resolve conflicts gracefully and foster relationships.

 Number 3: The creative, the expressive, and the communicator.

Life path number 3 symbolises creativity, love, and communication. Their lucky colour is YELLOW or PINK. Yellow colour enhances their ability to communicate well and express their unique thoughts; pink helps them achieve financial and material goals and bring prosperity.

 Number 4: The builder, the organiser, the practical.

The people with the lucky number 4 are practical in their life. They are grounded and detail-oriented. The colour which helps them to grow in their life is GREEN. This will increase their decision-making skills, and they will build a solid foundation in their life.


 Number 5: The adventurer, the freedom seeker, the change maker.

The individuals with life path number 5 are adventurous and freedom-loving. Also, somewhere, they are practical and stable in their life. They are associated with the colour BLUE, representing exploration and freedom. The colour encourages them to pursue new experiences in life.

Number 6: The nurturer, the caretaker, and the responsible.

Now, the individuals with the lucky number 6 are responsible and family-oriented. They are spiritual. They find luck in the VIOLET colour, which signifies intuition, empathy and deep spiritual connections. The colour helps them maintain their caring and compassionate nature

Number 7: The thinker, the analyser, the seeker of knowledge.

The individuals with life path number 7 seek knowledge; they are highly analytical and reflective. They are connected with their lucky colour, VIOLET, which signifies spirituality, intuition and higher consciousness. The colour helps them to enhance their knowledge and understanding. It also increases their analysing power.

 Number 8: The leader, the organiser, the achiever.

The individual who holds number 8 as their lucky number are highly driven and focused on their goals. They are the leaders who hold strong decision-making power. Their lucky colour, PINK, representing abundance and prosperity, helps them achieve their financial and material goals.

 Number 9: The humanitarian, the altruist, the visionary.

People with life path number 9 are compassionate, generous and dedicated to humanitarian causes. They always wish to make a positive impact on their actions. They are connected with the lucky colour GOLD, symbolising symbolising wisdom and selflessness. The colour enhances their ability to impact the effect caused by their actions/activities positively.


Using Numerology, you can determine your lucky colour and quickly and drastically raise your quality of life. But remember that numerology colours are not a predictive science. It’s a logical science that always says something with a reason. There is scientific proof that colours have healing properties. The colours around us can quickly change our minds; they help us to unwind or recharge, lose weariness, and even cure various bodily ills.

Whether you embrace your lucky colour or explore a broader palette, the world of colour remains a vibrant and expressive aspect of human existence, capable of profoundly influencing our moods, perceptions and energies.