Which Hand To See For Men and Women In Palmistry?

April 5, 2024

Palmistry is a fascinating branch of Astrology that predicts the future by looking at the lines in your palm. According to Astrology, any person’s past and future information is hidden in their Palms. Palmistry is an ancient art of reading palms that has fascinated people for centuries. By analysing the lines and shapes on a palm, you can get insights into your personality, emotions and future. Men and Women In Palmistry have different meanings for each line.

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Significance of Palmistry

Palmistry reveals its profound significance in human civilisation. The discovery of palmistry worldwide and its enduring power through the ages has been its ability to uncover hidden truths about human nature through the mysterious lines and symbols imprinted on its palm.
The palm reading suggests you make the right decisions in your life related to education, career, and relationships. Different lines imported on your palms review various aspects of one’s life. Lines include hurt, head, life, marriage, and fate.

Which hand to see in palmistry for men and women

Palm reading involves the left hand being inborn and the right being acquired. This means the left hand represents your inborn destiny while the right hand represents your acquired destiny influenced by the environment. The principle reflects the saying that “faith is governed by God while destiny is created by self.” Therefore, in palm reading, the right hand would be dominant while the left hand would be supportive.

For Men:

In Palmistry, the left hand is what you are born with, and the left is what you have accumulated throughout your life. Right-hand tells you what you have achieved throughout your journey. The right hand of men depicts how far one has come in his journey. Therefore, the right hand of a male gives insights into the personality and future.

For Women:

Palmistry for women is opposite from that of men. If you are looking for which hand to read for a woman, the answer is left. For women, the right hand is what they are born with, and the left is what they have accumulated throughout their lives.
The left-dominating hand of a woman can predict the present life and future.
If the left hand is not dominating, this tells about the personality and suggests the scope for improvement in the current personality.

In Conclusion, the hands of a man and woman give insights into their personalities and futures. Reading your palm provides guidance on how to prepare yourself for the future better and lead a meaningful life. An individual can find out a lot about himself by looking at just his hands.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is palm reading?

A: Palm reading is an ancient practice that analyzes a person’s personality and future by looking at their hands, palm lines, and fingers. The primary lines used in Palm reading include the life, heart, head, fate, and sun lines.

Q: Which hand should you read in Palmistry?

A: Choose your dominant or active hand to read palms; when you start reading, check the hand used most often since it’s considered your active hand. Your non-dominant hand is your passive hand, and it is usually not examine since the lines may not be as prominent during the reading.

Q: What is the right hand in Palm reading for a female?

A: A woman’s right hand represents the work she has done in her life according to her destiny. At the same time, a woman’s left hand represents the destiny she is born with.

Q: Which palmistry hand is male?

A: In Palmistry, different hands are for different people. Palmists read the right hand for a male because this hand contains the journey they have already covered in their life.

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