‘How Do They Feel About You’? Know with Tarot Spread

June 1, 2024

Tarot Spread helps gain insight into the person’s current state, true feelings, and how they express their feelings towards you, how they express those feelings about you to others and the person’s hidden intentions or feelings. The power of the tarot spread is in the insights; it provides not only about the person’s situation and true feelings, but any contradictions between the true feelings and intentions and how these are expressed outwardly to you versus others can also give clues to any gossip surrounding the person. Let’s understand how the Tarot determines how people feel about you. If you want to know the same, get personalised advice from the Top Vedic Astrologers at DivineTalk.

To use a Tarot spread, individuals should focus on the person they are asking about. They should arrange the cards in order while asking questions such as, ‘How do they feel about me?’

Tarot Spread-1 Their Current Feelings

This card represents the person you are asking about and tells you how he or she is currently feeling. It can be an indicator of this person’s personality based on how you know them and about their current situation or struggles. Look at these cards in conjunction with the feelings cards and hidden intentions.

While they might not have accepted their feelings yet and could be distracted by other aspects of life, if this indicates romantic feelings, it doesn’t mean you should sit back and wait for your relationship to develop.

CARD-2 The Foundation of Relationship

This card represents a person’s immediate and true feelings towards you. These may or may not be obvious to you, depending on the card representing the expressed feelings towards you. This card gives you insight into that person’s feelings towards you in the immediate situation. Pay attention to how this card contrasts with the expression card and the feelings title card for deeper insight.

CARD-3 Feelings Expressed Towards You

This card shows how that person expresses their feelings towards you. It tells how the person you ask about treats you, how they interact with you and what impression they give you. This card will provide information about the nature of your relationship and its contrast to other things. This placeholder can be eye-opening.

CARD-4 Feeling Expressed Towards Others

This card represents how this person expresses their feelings about you to others, how they talk about you in general, and even what they say about your relationship. Look here for signs of manipulation, deception, and secret crushes. This is a powerful placeholder compared to the other cards in this spread; things come into full view and start to make sense.

CARD-5 Hidden Intentions

The fifth card represents hidden things. That could be a secret intention, a thought, a motive or even a situation. This slot provides a pointer to the ever-present aspect of the shadow, hidden things or what is not apparent. Depending on the other cards in this spread, this card can signify something good or bad.

Tarot Spread reading is an interpretation and should not be taken as absolute truth. They are tools for reflection and understanding, not prediction. Always trust your intuition when interpreting the cards.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is Tarot spread in astrology?

A: A Tarot spread is an intentional layout of the cards where each placement represents an answer to a question. We can use spread if we are trying to get insights into a situation or are making a decision.

Q: Can tarot cards tell you how someone else feels?

A: Tarot card readings can provide valuable insight into the person’s feelings for you, so it’s essential to approach them with an open heart. Emotions are complex and constantly changing, and the Tarot provides a unique window into the integrated tapestry of human emotions.

Q: Can I find out how someone feels about me with a tarot spread?

A: The first card of the Tarot reading for feelings provides a journal overview of their current feeling towards you, highlighting any particular feelings that stand out. This is usually how they see you, but it is only a surface perception.

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